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The most luxurious and interesting villas, in the most idyllic places in the world, comprise the property portfolio of Fantasia Villas, the leader in luxury holiday rentals. Committed to planning your dream holiday, we realize the importance of your time and aim to your total satisfaction. Working towards that end, our staff is always there for you, with many ideas for fun holidays, according to your requirements and preferences.

Ensuring absolute transparency in all our operations, we put the customers and their needs at the center of our attention. Our goal is to build trusting relationships with each individual customer and realize their own vision for a truly idyllic holiday. Communicating with us is very easy and is based on direct contact, in order for us to note with the greatest accuracy, your personal needs and preferences, and for you to have the clearest idea of your upcoming holiday experience. An extensive portfolio of luxury homes in the most interesting parts of the world is available to you through FantasiaVillas.com, accompanied with interesting information on places to see and activities to indulge in, ensuring you have the greatest holiday experience.

Transparency in all aspects of business and especially in all dealings with our customers is our key advantage, which differentiates us from the competition. In the interest of the client, every luxury villa is listed with its full name and the exact price range, depending on the season, thus making it very easy to compare us with the competition and benefitting from the same price as you would directly from the owner. It should also be noted that FantasiaVillas.com guarantees the lowest price on the market. Indeed, if a customer finds a lower price for the villa of his interest, Fantasia Villas will match that price. Contributing to even greater transparency in our dealings with our valued customers, all reviews of our previous guests that have stayed in one of the luxury villas that make up the portfolio of FantasiaVillas.com, are available upon request.

Adding to the maximum customer satisfaction and the user friendly style of FantasiaVillas.com, a detailed description of the interior of the villa, its surroundings and its exact location are available in one single web page, thus providing all the necessary information about the villa of your choice and ensuring there is no disharmony between your initial impression of the property and its actual state upon arrival. To the same end, the high quality photos that accompany the descriptions of the villas make your choice even easier. Working on the basic principle of providing high quality services, our villa experts are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, taking care of every detail of your vacation experience.


The portfolio of luxury villas that comprise FantasiaVillas.com is constantly updated, offering the possibility of multiple selections in most parts of the world, according to the preferences of the modern sophisticated traveler. Common denominators in the selection of any new properties are the high quality, the aesthetics of space, the unique location and the attractive design, factors which all contribute to creating a truly idyllic atmosphere. Moreover, prior to the selection of each new property, our villa experts inspect it thoroughly, ensuring that it meets the necessary requirements to be included in the exclusive portfolio of Fantasia Villas.

FantasiaVillas.com specialises in villa rentals, offering unique vacation homes for the most demanding travellers  Our portfolio includes holiday rentals and private islands worldwide, providing unparalleled concierge services. Our goal is to fulfil the wishes of the most knowledgeable and discerning travellers. All villas have a swimming pool and highly-qualified staff to serve every need of our guests; family vacations, trips with friends, corporate events, romantic getaways and wedding events are just a few examples of the many services we provide.

FantasiaVillas.com operates as a complete travel advisor, which is continuously updated, providing new and interesting information about each activity that occurs in every part of the world where we are present. Visit us again and again to discover our unique offers on any given time, but also to discover new destinations, which in turn will give you a unique holiday experience.

Our customers can combine sports activities like tennis and scuba diving, with unique spa treatments or even yacht rentals, taking advantage of the best quality at the right price. Our dedicated team is able to meet your every need, from the creative planning of excursions, to places of interest, until the preparation of unique gourmet meals. Thanks to our direct, friendly and long-lasting relationship with the villa owners, we have access to savings without compromising on quality, which we happily pass on to our new friends: you.

At FantasiaVillas.com, the customer and his needs are always a priority and the journey never ends. Contact us today and we will offer you in return the chance to live your fantasy

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