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In a unique location at the crossroads of Europe, on the French border with Italy and Switzerland, this region offers plenty of options, having the water as its dominant element. The three largest lakes of France make their presence known in a magnificent and impressive way in Rhone-Alps  -Lake Geneva, Lac du Bourget and Lac d'Annecy-, as the snow-capped Alps provide the endless supply, offering a multitude of options for lovers of winter sports. No wonder that this region hosted the Winter Olympics three times in the past. Here you will enjoy the fine wines of Beaujolais and Cotes du Rhone and you will have the chance to play golf at one of the 60 state of the art golf courts. Also, feel free to admire the artistic masterpieces in Grenoble and St. Etienne as well as the architecture of the city Lyon, which was declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. A Rhone-Alps vacation rental is the perfect way to acquaint yourself with this diverse and extremely interesting region. Rent a luxury private villa in Rhone-Alps and allow discover all the region has to offer. Fantasia Villas offers a diverse portfolio of luxury vacation rentals, ideal for families, groups of friends and couples alike. Benefit from our exclusive villa special offers and feel free to contact one of our villa experts today.
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Luxury Villas in Rhone-Alpes

An unforgettable experience awaits anyone who plans a vacation in the idyllic region of Rhone-Alpes as it encompasses two of the most dramatic sights of France: the River Rhine and the imperious mountains of the Alps. If you decide to visit this blessed place in the winter, you can enjoy all kinds of winter sports in countless ski resorts, all of which feature modern conveniences and are surrounded by natural landscapes of unparalleled beauty. The snowy peaks, plateaus and rich woods will captivate you with their grandeur, while during springtime, when the snow melts, the green meadows, blue freshwater lakes and countless vineyards will enchant you. A luxury villa in Rhone-Alpes is the ideal way to explore this beautiful region, spending your holiday in the manner that best suits your preferences.   ♦ Luxury Villas in Rhone-Alpes (Chamonix)   The impressive complex of chalet Marmotte Mountain is the ideal holiday rental for those wishing for a memorable vacation at the famous Chamonix. Each of these luxurious wooden houses features comfortable, cozy interiors, complemented by tasteful classic furniture, heated floors and a large fireplace. The outdoor jacuzzi and breathtaking views of the snowy slopes of the Alps, will offer you unparalleled energy, further enhancing your holiday experience. The Chalet Les Seracs in another beautiful house in Chamonix, boasting breathtaking views of Mont Blanc and easy access to the slopes. The interior of the chalet is decorated with impeccable taste and luxurious materials, featuring 10 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 20 guests. On warmer days, the outdoor dining area with the barbecue becomes a favorite meeting point.
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Rhone-alpes- at the crossroads of Europe, the region of Rhone-Alpes is the ideal destination for the lovers of winter sports Rhone-alpes map- contact a representative of fantasiavillas.com for a map of Rhone-Alpes Rhone-alpes weather- Rhone-Alpes boasts superb weather for practicing winter sports, with a lot of snow and sunshine Rhone-alpes tourism- tourism is quite important in the region of Rhone-Alpes, as it is favored by lovers of winter sports and has hosted three times the Winter Olympics flights to Rhone-alpes- contact a representative of fantasiavillas.com and discover all the available flights to Rhone-Alpes facts about Rhone-alpes- an idyllic winter destination, Rhone-Alpes attracts lovers of winter sports and those who enjoy a romantic getaway in the Alpes Rhone-alpes travel- contact a representative of fantasiavillas.com and plan a uniqe holiday, making Rhone-Alpes your travel destination visit Rhone-alpes- visit Rhone-Alpes and discover an beautiful holiday destination all year round Rhone-alpes food- the food in Rhone-Alpes incorporates the best of french cuisine, with some interesting influences from swiss and italian cuisine Rhone-alpes climate- Rhone-Alpes has the perfect weather for those who like to practice winter sports and enjoy the brisk cold climate of the Alpes pictures of Rhone-alpes- visit fantasiavillas.com and discover the most fascinating pictures of Rhone-Alpes, depicting places of interest and the most luxurious chalets available in the region things to do in Rhone-alpes- enjoying all kinds of winter sports and acquainting yourself with the beautiful villages of the region are some od the things to do in Rhone-Alpes Rhone-alpes airports- contact a representative of fantasiavillas.com and find out all the necessary information concerning airports in Rhone-Alpes places to visit in Rhone-alpes- Grenoble, St Etienne and Lyon are some of the interesting places to visit in Rhone-Alpes, alongside the ski slopes and the golf courses Rhone-alpes tourist attractions- the beautiful architecture of the city of Lyon, declared a UNESCO Wolrd Cultural Heritage, as well as the three largest lakes in France, that have significant presence in the region, are some of the major tourist attractions in Rhone-Alpes
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