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Rhodes has been a bone of contention for many peoples and civilizations, as it is located at the crossroads of two major sea routes of the Mediterranean, between the Aegean Sea and the coast of the Middle East. The Italians were the most recent conquerors, who nevertheless gave the city of Rhodes its new urban design. Beyond the city, there is a variety of beautiful beaches and even more beautiful natural landscapes. Tsabika is one of the most beautiful beaches in a relatively short distance from the town of Rhodes, featuring golden sand, while Prassonisi at the southernmost part of the island is a surfer’s paradise. A Rhodes luxury villa is the perfect way to discover all the island has to offer, ensuring privacy and tranquility. Known as the island of the Knights, Rhodes is the largest island among the Dodecanese. Its beauty lies as much in the distinct landscape as in the creations of its many successive conquerors, over the centuries. The castle of the Knights welcomes visitors arriving by sea, inviting them to the distinct atmosphere of the capital of the island. Romance is everywhere in the medieval old town of Rhodes, which dates back to the knighthood period (1309-1522) and was recognized as a World Heritage City in 1988. Travellers can wander around the cobbled streets, filled with quaint restaurants, night clubs and shops, discovering a trully interesting mixture of different architectural influences, with clearly dominant the period of stay of the Order of the Knights of St. John and the Ottomans. Visitors should most definitely wander the amazing Butterfly Valley, an idyllic nature reserve, home to rare species of butterflies (mainly visible from June to September), as well as visit the impressive falls of the Fasouli Source in Psinthos, surrounded by lush vegetation, and discover the Rodini Park, the oldest park in the world. Lastly, one should absolutely spend time discovering the wonderful Lindos, a picturesque village built above water, in the southern part of the island.
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Luxury Villas in Rhodes

Luxury Villas in Rhodes are a great idea to get the most of your vacation in Greece. Rhodes is a big island, making it almost imperative that you spend quite a few days on it in order to discover its diverse character. However, the natural beauty of the landscape and the welcoming spirit of Rhodians will surely invite you back again and again. A luxury villa in Rhodes is the ideal way to acquaint yourself with this distinct and idyllic island and there are many interesting options for villas in Rhodes through fantasiavillas.com. Please contact a villa expert from fantasiavillas.com for more information about luxury villas in Rhodes.
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