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The aristocratic island of Syros, capital of the Cyclades, exudes the tranquility and elegance of its glorious past, when the island was an important trading center of the eastern Mediterranean. Today it attracts visitors with its stately beauty, scenic coastline and lively atmosphere throughout the year. A Syros luxury villa is the perfect way to discover all the island has to offer, ensuring privacy and tranquility. Discovering picturesque Ermoupoli is the starting point for visitors to Syros, as it is home to beautiful mansions, the impressive Miaoulis Square, epicentre of the island life, the picturesque old harbor, the imposing Church of St. Nicholas and the beautiful Apollo Theatre. The Vaporia district is very distinct in Syros as beautiful, stately houses are built literally on the waterfront, with amazing unobstructed sea views. This is the area where visitors can also enjoy swimming without having to drive away from the town, while also enjoying excellent food and drinks from morning till night, in idyllic surroundings, literally on the beach.
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Luxury Villas in Syros

A luxury villa in Syros is the ideal way to discover this beautiful island and there are many interesting options for villas in Syros through fantasiavillas.com. Delfini, Komito, Galissas and Poseidonia are only a few of the organized beaches of Syros, where visitors can enjoy the azure waters of the Aegean, while Ano Syros is the ideal destination at sunset. Amphitheatrically built by the Venetians, upon the hill of Agios Georgios (Saint George), on the northwest side of the island, Ano Syros retains its authentic medieval atmosphere, seducing the visitors with its narrow streets, whitewashed houses and colourful doors that create a special atmosphere, offering at the same time unique views of the islands of Tinos, Delos, Paros and Naxos. Syros is the ideal destination especially for families with small children. Please contact a villa expert from fantasiavillas.com for more information about luxury villas in Syros.
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