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The scenic island of Tinos does not immediately reveal itself to the visitor. Mostly associated with the great church of Virgin Mary that, built upon a hill, dominates the view of the main town, Tinos has so much more than meets the eye, featuring many distinct mountainous villages, beautiful beaches and a picturesque Chora, full of narrow streets, townhouses and intense commercial activity. A Tinos luxury villa is the ideal way to discover this diverse island at your own pace. The old town composes of many churches, with beautiful arches, mansions and great villas with large gardens that retain many of the characteristics of the late 19th century. The old street that leads to the church of Virgin Mary, leading up to the huge namesake church, which is celebrated in grand style on August 15 every year, is filled shops that attract the visitor and keep it busy day and night. However, leaving the town behind is when the visitor can surely appreciate why Tinos is different from the rest of the Cyclades islands. The village of Agapi (the greek word for Love), perched on the mountain, fascinates visitors with its architectural beauty, while the village of Volax captivates their imagination with its incredible landscape – unique in the world phenomenon, featuring scattered round rocks among an almost ..lunar ambience, which causes many people to refer to extraterrestrial activity from the past!
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Luxury Villas in Tinos

A luxury villa in Tinos is the perfect way to acquaint yourself with this distinct destination in the Cyclades and there are many options for villas in Tinos through fantasiavillas.com. The "balcony" of Tinos, Dio Choria, offers panoramic views across the island and the Aegean, while the village of Kardiani fascinates visitors with its picturesqueness. As far as beaches are concerned, Agapiani stands out for the exotic landscape, while Agia Kyriaki, Agios Sostis and the cosmopolitan Kolimbithra attract much attention. Lastly, there are numerous hiking trails, of which at least ten are mapped, offering potential hikers the opportunity to appreciate the unique nature of Tinos. Please contact a villa expert from fantasiavillas.com for more information about luxury villas in Tinos.
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