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 The smallest of the Ionian islands, Paxos entices guests with natural beauty, hospitable people, lush nature and beaches with crystal clear waters and white sand. Paxos is a paradise for sailors as in the protected coves one can enjoy swimming in silence and isolation. However, the exotic beaches of Antipaxos, Voutoumi and Vrika, are the main reasons why so many tourists, Greek and foreigners alike, flock every summer in this beautiful island of the Ionian Sea. Accessible only by boat, the two beaches of Antipaxos fascinate visitors with its clear waters reminding them more of the Caribbean than the Mediterranean. Furthermore, a boat ride around Paxos will reveal even more options for fantastic beaches whether they are with sand or small pebbles, deserted or crowded. Typical examples are the beaches of Gianna , the Soulanena , Balos , Agia Marina, Blue and Glyfada, several of which are located on the western side of the island. A luxury villa in Paxos is the best way to enjoy the island at your own pace and there are many options for villas in Paxos through fantasiavillas.com.
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Luxury Villas in Paxos

Luxury Villas in Paxos are a wonderful way to enjoy a relaxing holiday in Greece. The capital city of Gaios is naturally protected by two smaller islands, the Virgin Mary and St. Nicholas, and is also the focus of life in the islands. Here one can visit the English command center located on the platform of the old port, the Church of the Ascension and the Museum of Paxos, where one can admire findings from prehistorical and classical times. The Antipaxoi have as main features rich vegetation and large vineyards which produce the famous “Antipaxiotic” Black Wine. The residents in this island are few and some of the attractions for visitors include the church of St. Emilian and the English tank from 1833. At Antipaxoi also stand out the secluded beaches Rodovani and Sarakiniko. Visit the fantasiavillas.com website today and inquire about the luxury villas that are available in Paxos. Please contact a villa expert from fantasiavillas.com for more information about luxury villas in Paxos.
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