Barbados Caribbean

Barbados Caribbean

Situated right on the edge of the Atlantic, Barbados boasts balmy, tropical climate that is cooled by continual trade winds blowing in from the east. It is the perfect tropical destination for those seeking a relaxing holiday, as well as anyone who wishes to stay active, since diving and snorkelling are very popular, thanks to the incredible water visibility, that is between 80 and 98 feet! A luxury villa in Barbados is the greatest way to acquaint yourself with everything the island has to offer, enjoying impeccable concierge services and total privacy, in the most exclusive environment.

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For lovers of golf, Barbados is also known to be home to some of the best golf courses in the Caribbean, with many of them having been through significant renovations in the last decade. If however relaxing by the seaside is your ideal image of vacationing, then Barbados is the perfect destination, having something for everyone. Beaches on the north and east coasts are known for their large waves that are more ideal for surfing rather that swimming, while south coast beaches are great for swimming as well as water sports. Lastly, west coast beaches are the calmest on the island, with sparkling warm waters that gently lap onto the golden sand.

The Folkstone Marine Park is also worth a visit, as vacationers can view exhibits beneath the ocean surface, go diving and take part in ocean-related activities.

Barbados is also a unique culinary destination, with tasty delights such as grilled pigtail, fried kingfish, pepper-pot and conch fritters as some of its trademarks. Visitors will definitely be impressed by the unique tastes and flavours, as african, chinese, indian, european and caribbean influences blend to create cuisine that is quintessentially bajan. Bajan seasoning is also distinct, giving unique flavour to every meal.

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