Greek Easter in Chania Crete

Greek Easter in Chania Crete

The proverbial Cretan hospitality is enjoyable, no matter when you decide to visit this charismatic island. However, Easter time is an opportunity to witness the island and its traditional customs. Chania is the picturesque old city, built around the Venetian harbor; the Venetian lighthouse at its entrance and the fortress of Bastion are especially popular during Easter, when they become the most coveted, perfect viewpoints.

The romantic atmosphere is intense in the narrow streets and beautiful squares of the old town of Chania, surrounded by picturesque houses and neoclassical Venetian and Turkish buildings, painted in ocher and purple. Almost all Epitaphs from the churches of the city gather in the old harbor on the evening of Good Friday, creating an atmosphere of piety that fascinates visitors. Many of them will certainly fill the tables in the traditional taverns of the harbor and its surroundings, enjoying meatless dishes and enjoying the traditional raki.

Similarly, the ceremony of Resurrection, in the evening of Holy Saturday, is truly magnificent in the Cathedral of Chania. Shortly after midnight, the people watch the burning of Judas - a scarecrow stuffed with straw and old clothes that usually hangs high in the steeple of the church. This is naturally followed by the delicious Paschal dinner, with soup and, of course, wine and raki in large quantities!

On Easter Sunday, the main attraction is the fun in lively Cretan rhythms, while those seeking originality and tradition will certainly enjoy a visit to the mountainous part of the island. The ritual of «omoplatoskopias» is re-enacted here: the shepherds try to guess the future by "reading " the shoulder of the paschal lamb, as they believe that this has prophetic powers!

A visit to Crete on Easter is a unique opportunity to get familiar with the island and all its beauties.