Jamaica Caribbean

Jamaica Caribbean

Home to the Arawak Indians long before 1494, when Christopher Columbus introduced it to the world as “the fairest isle mine eyes ever beheld”, Jamaica today enhants visitors with its lush vegetation, carefree way of living and beautiful landscapes. You can swim in the most crystal clear waterfalls, visit picturesque villages and explore the rich historical background of this magnificent island. A luxury villa in Jamaica is the ideal way to discover all this unique destination has to offer and spend the holiday of a lifetime. You can browse a wide selection of exclusive Jamaica holiday rentals, or luxury villas in the Caribbean, through fantasiavillas.com.

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Around Kingston, the capital of the island, there are many interesting sites such Devon House, built in 53 acres of land and designed in the “Jamaican=Georgian” style, which has been named a National Monument by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust. Additionally, you can visit the Bob Marley Museum, devoted to the late reggae superstar who put Jamaica on the map of the world music stage, celebrating its unique laid-back lifestyle, or the Rockfort Mineral Bath, a natural spring created by an earthquake in 1907.

For those interested in laying in the sun, Turtle Beach and Mallard Beach are two of the most popular beaches on the island, inviting vacationers to just relax and enjoy the sun and water sports. Be sure to visit the famous James Bond Beach, where part of the movie “Dr. No” was filmed, as well as Dunn’s River Beach, where the river meets the Caribbean sea in spectacular form.

Lastly, you should definitely taste some of the unique jamaican dishes, especially seafood cooked using lots of spices, such as ginger, nutmeg, curry and jerk, followed by incredible desserts that balance the spice using bananas and coconuts. “Sorrel”, a potted-herb that when boiled makes a red cooling drink, with healing properties, will definitely quench your thirst, after a long day in the sun.

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