Greek Easter in Paros

Greek Easter in Paros

This picturesque island in the Cyclades attracts thousands of tourists every summer, thanks to its rugged coastline and the quaintness of its towns and villages. Easter time reveals an entirely different nature, focusing on the devout side of the island, particularly in the settlement of Marpissas, re-enacting a custom that dates back to 1937.

These are representations of the life and sufferings of Jesus, which literally leave the viewers speechless. Specifically, on the evening of Good Friday and along the procession of the Epitaph around Marpisa, visitors can see real scenes from the life of Christ, as revived by the locals, young and old, dressed in clothes from that age.

The atmosphere is emotionally-charged, as the faithful watch theatrical scenes from events such as the Resurrection of Lazarus, Entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, Prayer on the Mount of Olives, the Ascent to Calvary, the noose of Judas, the Crucifixion, the Deposition and Burial of Christ. These unique representations are only performed here and should be experienced up close, at least once in his life.

The Resurrection of the Lord is also celebrated with pomp on Easter Day, at Marpissas Stadium, with the participation of the whole village, Cairns traditional roast lamb, red eggs and Parian wine, to the rhythms of traditional music and dancing.

Otherwise, the most entertaining and dinamic places are the picturesque Naoussa and Parikia, where the abundance of bars and restaurants leave nothing out of reach.