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Drawing its name from the Greek mythology, European Continent combines the old charm with the new in a fascinating way. From the rugged coastline and dreamy sunsets of Greece, to the magic of historical Andalusia, to the romance of the Alps, Europe is a destination for all seasons and for all tastes.
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Luxury Villas in Europe

Europe villas vary in architecture, size and amenities, thanks to their national influences. From the Cycladic villas in Mykonos and Santorini to the estates in Spain, medieval villas in Tuscany, chateaux in France and chalets in Switzerland. Each country and territory have their specific appeal, given by their culinary traditions, landmarks, history, famous local events, etc. Wether you plan to travel in Europe for you family vacation, honeymoon or for an extended party with friends, we are happy to help. For a dynamic experience, we suggest renting a villa with a golf or water-sports theme. And if you want to relax, there is always golfing or spa. And for the companies interested in team-building, attending conferences or hosting a reception in a glamorous environment, we can gladly suggest the best places for corporate retreats / events. Please contact a villa expert from fantasiavillas.com for more information about luxury villas in Europe.
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